Are your employees engaged?

Is their emotional well-being impacting their performance?

Our ability to develop relationships with others determines how successful we will be in our workplace and in our relationships outside of work. People are not born with the natural abilities to develop and build great relationships with others whether this be our partner, employees, suppliers or customers.

“The rules of work are changing. We’re being judged by a new yardstick: not just how smart we are, or by our training and expertise, but also how well we handle ourselves and others.” – Daniel Goleman

The foundation of our emotional intelligence is formed in our childhood, this is where we learn to communicate, express emotion, show affection, manage conflict and adversity and more. We are also conditioned from a young age that conflict is a bad or negative thing when in actual fact conflict is growth trying to happen – we just resist it because it feels uncomfortable. EQ skills are integral to life, our relationships and leadership capabilities irrespective of our job title.

Most people are unaware of the impact they are having on others let alone how they are allowing situations and others to influence them. They usually only realise this when a situation has spiraled out of control and emotions are running high. I’ve been there myself, experienced the impact thereof and having worked through the process, I know the benefits.

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Julia Schoombee: Project Manager, Repair Solutions

On behalf of Repair Solutions, I would like to thank you greatly for the presentation on Saturday. We all benefited from it enormously, and the content was completely fitting. What stood out to me particularly were the interactive activities incorporated in the presentation and the humour you used to relate to the audience. I know that each employee has taken something from it and is willing to implement it in their own lives. You impacted not only our professional conduct, but personal behavioural patterns in the most positive way as well. Thank you once again. Much appreciated, and looking forward to working with you in the future again. – Julia Schoombee: Project Manager, Repair Solutions 05/31/2016

SA Veterinary Council

Thank you for coming and motivating us, I really valued what you presented to us. Sive – SA Veterinary Council


Thank you so much for doing the EQ workshop for us, everybody had positive feedback regarding the workshop and I am sure your techniques will help a lot of us, I especially liked the Courageous Conversations part. – Zanique du Plooy: Group Financial Accountant, Italtile


Paula conducted a workshop on Emotional Intelligence for our department. She is a true professional, very passionate about the subject, and a great presenter. The workshop was very insightful and thought provoking. As Paula says: “IQ is what gets you to your position, EQ is what keeps you there.” Thanks Paula! – Iwan Schutte: Group Internal Audit Manager, AECI Ltd

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