Couples looking to thrive together

I help couples create a good foundation for a great relationship. If you’re getting married, looking to move in together, have been together for a while or things are feeling a little rocky, let me help you build a relationship to last a lifetime.


Find the romance, fun and passion in your relationship.

I work with couples in the following ways:

  • Premarital Coaching
  • Creating Connection Coaching
  • Desire and Intimacy Coaching
  • Decision making Guidance
  • Communication and Conflict Skills
  • Family Coaching
  • Work / Life Balance Coaching

Ensure you never have to worry about going down the rocky road to a painful divorce or break-up. Couples who grow together stay together.

So if you want to know how to:

  • Avoid the relationship pitfalls all couples are prone to.
  • Communicate and manage conflict better.
  • Have a more loving and connected relationship.
  • Prevent your relationship becoming boring and mundane.
  • Not get stuck in the Relationship Cycle all couples experience.
  • Avoid the rocky road to divorce and break-up.

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If you have a query about your relationship or would like to discuss your needs and requirements, please get in touch with me.


Wow wow wow ... Liana

Thank you for checking in, we are doing great, somehow you managed to shift something in my head, and I see our relationship in a complete different way. We will most definitely use you for any future issues, you are the first person we met with that didn’t lay the blame on someone, but helped us both to see our relationship from a different angle. Wow wow wow….. how can I ever thank you enough! Liana 07/07/2016​

I am getting my mojo back, Lorinda

We were chatting over the weekend and feel we can actually cancel our sessions all together. We are doing really well, you made us feel so comfortable that it was easy to open up. Thank you for the wonderful sessions, they have made such a huge difference in our relationship. We understand each other so much better. And I am getting my mojo back, slowly but I’m getting there. – Lorinda 06/20/2016


Hi Paula, Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks for this morning’s session. Really appreciate you taking us out of the negative, irritated spiral on to something more positive – Karen 10/28/2015

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