Wellness Assets – your end-to-end solution for employee wellness and well-being.

We believe that ‘well’ employees are your greatest asset and capitalizing in their overall well-being is one of the greatest investments you can make for both your employees and your organization.

Our Wellness Assets program focuses on providing employees with wellness solutions, insights and tools to empower individuals to live healthier, happier lifestyles and ultimately operate at their optimum in both their personal and professional worlds.

At Wellness Assets, we focus on 3 key pillars:

  • Mental/emotional wellness

  • Financial wellness

  • Lifestyle wellness – incorporating both active and lifestyle elements

These key areas form a well-rounded wellness offering covering financial, emotional, active and lifestyle wellness needs.

• Mental health plays a vital role in productivity, functionality and in the overall well-being of an individual
• Almost R3b pa is lost to the corporate sector as a result of untreated mental health conditions and other stress-related expenses
• Depression contributes to 69% of indirect costs such as low productivity, absenteeism and disability.
• 50% of sick days taken are stress related
• Financial wellness is in growing in demand by employees to be added to wellness programs.
• 70% of surveyed employees said financial stress was their biggest stress factor

Employee spend over 60% of their waking hours in the work place, this leaves little time to fully attend to other aspects of their lives which are important for them to live holistic, healthy and happy lives. This together with our fast paced lifestyle and constantly being connected via devices and platforms is leaving employees feeling stressed and burnt-out.

Employee well-being impacts employee’s engagement levels by almost 30%, the second most critical element following a line manager’s interest in an employee’s growth plan.  Employees with high-levels of engagements are less likely to stay away from work and their dedication to their role and the company is evident in the bottom line.

Wellness Assets – investing in your personal and financial well-being

The Wellness Assets Program aims to raise levels of self-awareness, relational awareness, financial literacy and EQ insights enabling individuals to live healthier, happier lifestyles and ultimately operate at their optimum in both their personal and professional worlds. It is the first program to combine both financial and emotional elements in one program – traditionally these have been offered as stand alone services. However what we don’t realise is that when we are facing financial difficulties it affects our emotional state and well-being.

Wellness Assets can offer you the perfect solution to address both these needs on both an individual and organisational level. Physical and nutritional elements are also available upon request to provide a well-rounded employee wellness offering.

Wellness Assets can be presented in a range of formats to suit your employee and organizational needs:
– Topical talks or coffee style interactive chats
– Mini workshops
– Wellness days
– Comprehensive wellness program
– Online e-learning

Happy employees are productive employees and are empowered to be a catalyst for change and innovation, inspire teamwork and collaboration, coach and mentor others and build effective relationships – the currency of the future.

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