Couples Testimonials

We had such an eye opening and informative session with you. We will continuously reflect back on this and use what we have learned to improve our relationship. We are very grateful to have had this opportunity with you.- Nerissa Oct 2020

We are both doing well. I believe our relationship grew even stronger since the last time you saw us. Again, thank you for your guidance in helping us get through the tough times – Elana 30/01/2019

Thank you for checking in, we are doing great, somehow you managed to shift something in my head, and I see our relationship in a complete different way. We will most definitely use you for any future issues, you are the first person we met with that didn’t lay the blame on someone, but helped us both to see our relationship from a different angle. Wow wow wow….. how can I ever thank you enough! Liana 07/07/2016​  


We were chatting over the weekend and feel we can actually cancel our sessions all together. We are doing really well, you made us feel so comfortable that it was easy to open up. Thank you for the wonderful sessions, they have made such a huge difference in our relationship. We understand each other so much better. And I am getting my mojo back, slowly but I’m getting there. – Lorinda 06/20/2016
Hi Paula, Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks for this morning’s session. Really appreciate you taking us out of the negative, irritated spiral on to something more positive – Karen 10/28/2015
Mancave Testimonials
Hi Paula, thank you for your email, and the huge part you played in my journey the last couple of months. Looking back at the first session I had with you in December, I know what positive impact you and the program had on me. The Mancave program was good and I really enjoyed each session – every time I drove back from a Thursday evening session I felt good and energized. Thanks a million. I need to make time and recap on everything and ensure that I do not lose what I have learnt! – Piet 12/7/2017

Hi Paula, having these sessions with you in the ManCave is really changing the way I see and do things. I have really found great value in what you are teaching us. – Jerome 27/3/2017

As I’ve mentioned to you last night I was truly inspired by the work that you do and the lives that you transform and if we can play a small role in giving you a platform through the show, to showcase what you do, we’d be happy to have you in the new season – Cornelius Koopman (Senior Producer: The Home Channel, DStv, Channel 176) 13/3/2017

Womenology Testimonials
Paula’s Womenology course is absolutely life changing. The small group of women that meet as strangers become such an integral part of your life and support system. I met my 5 super women in a time when I was at my lowest, and with the the guidance and support of Paula they have helped me to become the best version of myself. Through the course you tackle one of the hardest lessons – introspection. But focusing on your values, goals and personal relationships, you learn that it’s okay to be you and it’s beautiful to see that we’ve all grown so much in such a short time. Thank you Paula for helping me to find my light and to shine brighter!! – Clarissa (2018)

Having attended one of Paula’s courses have taught me viable skills to enhance future relationships not only in my personal life but also in corporate. If you need to improve in yourself, learn skills to self control then I would recommend you join Paula in one of her courses. You need to have the willingness to change your situation in certain relationships, improve your self esteem, focus on yourself to improve your relationships in all areas of your life, bring a positive outlook into your thinking and change your mindset about courageous conversations with difficult people! Invest in your authentic self, step out of your comfort zone and grow into a magnificent human being! Paula provides you with the necessary skills to improve your relationships with life. – Coba (2017)

I did Paula’s 6 month Womenology program and it was a life changer for me. For any woman who needs to re-assess where they are in their life and how to better themselves as a person then this course is for you. Best decision of 2017 for me. Thanks again Paula for all the additional support through all the changes I have made and am making in my life. Your program has been invaluable to me. – Kathryn Main (2017)

Building Relationships Workshop Testimonials

Hi Paula, I just wanted to say thank you for the workshop this past weekend. It was rather eye opening and insightful. We will be looking at doing couples session in the new year. – Candice – 16/11/2019

We have implemented a few new aspects from your workshop as well as the book love languages. We now do a hike together once per week, which I look forward to each week. – Simone 5/09/2018

I cannot stop talking about it! This is actually a workshop for every couple to do before marriage….my opinion. In gratitude, your Biggest Fan! – Wendy – 3/6/2018 CT

I was quite shaken up afterwards – more angry with myself for not doing this type of self work earlier on before I got married but lessons get learnt and shape us, don’t they. Thank YOU!!!! – Christine 3/6/2018 CT

Thanks Paula, it was a fantastic workshop! – Anjana 2/6/2018

Thank you for yesterday, it was really eye opening – Dalene 2/6/2018

Hi Paula, thank you for Saturday! I feel so inspired! Our marriage is/was literally on the rocks, and hoping that this is the start to a New Conscious Beginning. – Monique 29/5/2017

Hi Paula, I just would like to thank you for an amazing afternoon, you have really helped us with some key issues and we will most certainly be back for more coaching and insight. Thank you for your passion and enthusiasm. You made a big difference. – Liana 03/14/2016

Thank you for a fun workshop. Rob and I enjoyed it, and appreciate the trouble you went to to give a professional and information filled afternoon. – Pam 08/03/2015  
I just want to say a HUGE thank you to you for helping us understand our own individual personalities a bit better. I certainly had some revelations! It will certainly help with dealing with outbursts / crises moments (of which I’m sure there will be less of now) much better. – Dilara Norodien 06/23/2015  
Absolutely awesome insight offered that not only betters your understanding of habits and traits that may have been adopted from a very early age but also enables one a better understanding of how to process all that info in the attempt to live a more balanced and successful life thereby increasing awareness, consciousness and emotional maturity.. Thank you Paula.. Thank you Imago…Chez & Jon. – Cherise 08/29/2014  
Imago presents one with a different approach to understanding who we are, where we stem from and what we have become to date. The most exciting will be to see what we can achieve with the correct communication tools demonstrated through Imago. From this, growth is inevitable. – Dominic 07/26/2014  
I really enjoyed the Introductory Course and can’t wait to do the weekend. It was amazing to see the pattern of my relationship style unfold in such an eye-opening and transformative way. Highly recommended. – Jimmy Kyriacou 06/28/2014  
Wow! what an awesome experience. I learnt so much about myself and how to communicate better with my partner. There were some great insights which I can use in practical situations everyday not only in my intimate relationship but also with work colleagues, friends and family. I thoroughly enjoyed the content and since my better half was away that weekend, I have convinced him to attend one of the workshops which I will definitely attend with him again. Thanks once again for a very valuable and insightful workshop – I am definitely more aware of who I am, my behaviour and why and how I improve it in all interactions. – Megan Fernandez 05/31/2014  
A wonderful introduction to the work. The structure is easy to follow, and to see how the imago is created and carried through in life. It was a good reminder of previous realizations, and had impact in a fresh way. I have carried some of it through each day since. It’s a scary thing for couples and individuals alike to come to – and brave. The process of talking / listening , feedback certainly needs people who want to make something work. – Chantal 04/26/2014
  Working together with Paula on our relationship has been incredibly valuable for both of us – we are constantly learning and growing and discovering things about each other and positive ways communicate and engage – Gabby Cowling 05/24/2014
New, exciting and gave me a great perspective on an area I had little understanding of before – Anton
Found that one has to do some real honest soul searching, and really dig deep — Claudette
Fantastic, a very strong message received. Practical and useable solutions — Frank.
I found the workshop fantastic and I will definitely recommend it — Stella
Brilliant, I want more! – Chris
Both of us enjoyed the experience and look forward to hearing more about Imago — Glenda 
I really enjoyed the afternoon and will definitely recommend it to others — Lynn
The course content was good and thought provoking — Michelle
I will definitely recommend this course to everybody I know, and feel that all should have this knowledge to avoid any misunderstanding in relationships—Jacqui Through IMAGO, I have learnt that to be in a full and rewarding relationship, you need to listen and constantly communicate with yourself and your partner.. open your heart to the free flow of’s a truly liberating feeling! – Deshnee
I liked the workshop a lot , the bit of insight as to what made me the way I am was very profound for me – Noluthando
We really enjoyed the workshop and we had such a great conversation on the way home about our relationship — Michelle
Just a huge thank you from us again for the amazing insights that this workshop provided! – Leanne Thanks Paula, I really enjoyed this and take alot away with me – Mitzi
I realised things about myself I didn’t know – Megan
Encouraged a desire/need to attend another workshop with my partner – Carole
Paula you have an open and natural way of presenting which works very well and I gathered a few insights and gems which will guide me, for which I am appreciative – Sandy
Thank you Paula, we really enjoyed the course (content, structure etc) and the practical exercises and I learnt a lot from the dialogue process – Helena
Great workshop on Saturday! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us – Keli
I had such an awesome experience! I left leaving quite emotional. I’ve been searching for some time now to identify what the emotional cut off was about!!!! It was certainly identified & thought about. Thank you so much! – Helen
Thank you for the workshop on Saturday, most interesting to learn how life shapes us and that with the right tools we can alter that course. I am so glad I came and must admit that I dug deep which is also good….we tend to suppress stuff. – Elise
Thank you for a FANTASTIC workshop. I learned so much about myself and about how better to interact with my partner and I gained a lot of understanding about my reactive actions from the workshop. Can’t believe how much useful insight you managed to cram into that short time! It was FANTASTIC! – Jae
Thank you so much, Paula. Since your intro workshop, our relationship has been improving and I see patterns of my parents in me much more than I realised before. – Monique
Thank you so much again for the workshop, we really felt that we learnt a lot. We will definitely recommend the workshop to our friends and families – Oliver


Individual Testimonials

Hi Paula, I wanted to share a win with you: As you may recall, I was desperately keen to make a success of a project to restore some of the reputation pains that I had suffered earlier last year.  Well, a colleague and I designed and built a proof-of-concept system that impressed our development manager to the extent that we were requested to demo it to Exco.  They were completely blown away and upgraded the priority of our project and we now have a full support team.  Our project has also been nominated for an Innovations award as it represents a saving to the company in excess of R750K per year going forward! Your help has been amazing in guiding me to reconnect with myself – the value is so much greater than rands and cents, thank you. – Vernon 13/01/2018

Thank you very much for the session, I am actually more positive and do fun stuff. On the business side I see more opportunities I did not see before. I have hired two interns in the business which is relieving the pressure. Personally, I sat for an hour in a restaurant reading a magazine, I now watch movies after work. I actually played outside and sat in a tent with my little one last week Saturday. I laugh and smile a lot. – Inno 13/6/2017


Hi Paula, Thank you for making time for me, chatting with you gave me a very objective perspective on my situation. Most importantly, I was so happy to know that my experiences are common to many people and I’m not weird! Thanks again and have a good day. – Dr Emefa 07/18/2016
I went to Paula to try and de-brief after a tough Comrades where I didn’t achieve my time goal. But after two amazing sessions, I left her office with so so much more than just chatting about our beloved sport! Paula helped me to find me again, to unpack Comrades and to give me direction and ideas for the very different life that lies ahead for me, when we move to Switzerland. Even after one session, I felt calmer and I actually slept properly for the first time since Comrades. And my over-active mind calmed down – I have been able to tackle the move with a completely different mindset. Thank you Paula – you are a blessing!!! Heather 06/27/2016

I had the privilege of meeting Paula during a running coaching clinic and was immediately impressed with her warm personality and high level of motivation. As a powerlifter, I didn’t know much about running but I was eager to learn. We started the day with a couple of running sessions where Paula taught us how to run using the following motivational elements as part of your running toolbox 1) Breathe rhythmically while running 2) Have a mantra when you run 3) Make yourself as tall as you can be and run with your head held high It was incredible how altering little things while running can alter the outcome. What I did not realise, at the time, was that what I have learnt from Paula would also assist me in powerlifting. As a powerlifter, you are immediately stronger if you can control your breath while attempting a heavy lift as it helps you to tighten your muscles and generate more strength. What the mind believes, the body can achieve and having a motivational mantra helps with motivation when lifting heavy and when I am scared of the weights. Keeping your head held high when “hitting the wall” if you are a runner, or when you are battling your own insecurities, is important as it helps you to focus on what you are aiming to try and achieve. What I have learned from Paula as runner has transcended into my powerlifting and into my career. She is an inspirational mentor and coach with the ability to help people fight the invisible mind battles, what we have with ourselves, and that sometimes keeps us back from achieving our dreams. It is a privilege to know Paula and to see the results and impact that she has on your life. Mariska Casey – SA powerlifting record holder (2015 & 2016) 05/15/2016


You are a blessing thank you. For the first time this year, I had a good nights sleep as things have been weighing down heavily on me til now. – Andile 03/23/2016

The often quoted definition of insanity i.e. ‘expecting a different result when following the same pattern of behaviour that lead to previous failures” has always haunted me. Working with Paula over the last year has taught me to try things from a different angle and with a different frame of mind. Her comment that “failure” is in fact “feedback” is a prudent one. Paula’s ability to coach me to deal with the challenges of life has been invaluable. She has armed me with the tools to embrace the challenges of balancing sporting aspirations, heading up a family and managing a business. There are many hurdles to clear in life but it helps when you
have practical coaching techniques to meet the challenges head on. I have always admired Paula’s determination and character that she has displayed in a professional and sporting capacity and I would highly recommend her to anyone that seeks some guidance in taking on life’s challenges. Trevor Taylor – Managing Director, Chartered Employee Benefits 10/05/2015


Paula from Ati2ud communications has a wonderful way of working with people, talking about what is considered “taboo” in such a natural and healthy way, so that all involved feel comfortable and at ease. Her insight into human relationships and the knowledge she imparts is invaluable to helping even the healthiest of relationships improve and reach new levels of intimacy. I have had the privilege of hearing her at 2 very different presentations and both times walked away with a new and better understanding of people. Thanks Paula Quinsee! Jutta Dudley – U Travel 03/23/2015
I have been categorised as a high achiever, and an above normal strong character; only lately I realised, somehow I had to shake it all up; was looking for an earthquake. But how does a person with those traits put their most vulnerable in a personal, life coach/mentor to help change your life, shake up your belief systems, and take you to another (super) level without destroying the good traits you worked so hard on to realise previous achievements, ehem, complicated …I know. My background requires I choose carefully… I am happy! It’s only been a couple of weeks of coaching via skype and Paula Quinsee sets a new benchmark for life coach training, getting back balanced me, and supporting my personal and professional growth at an unprecedented level. Thank you Paula! Nico Samaras – Amsterdam, Netherlands 08/12/2014
Embracing Conflict Testimonials

Hi Paula. I’ve enjoyed reading your book Embracing Conflict and the exercises. I really like your idea of embracing conflict, too often we try to run away from it and hide from it but it just comes back to bite us in worse ways. Knowing that conflict is a normal part of life is helping me deal with mine. – Susan 07/16/2016


Dear Paula, I have read your book not only did I see myself through the pages that I had read but it was such an insightful, mind-opening and powerful read. I honestly don’t want to pick up a book at the most of times and for me to sit back and not want to take a break – is quite incredible! The book itself is easy to read and also easy to connect with the words. Not only does it have the most lovely quotes and pictures to go along with it. Truly is one of my favorites!!! So I thank you for an amazing read and for also making me aware of certain things – it has touch my life in its own way. I have also learnt in many ways of accepting and moving past obstacles more easily. AND always having a positive outlook on things! Life is beautiful and it is what we make it to be. I look forward to the next book. Love Bianca – Bianca Frances Molliere 04/28/2016
I just wanted to thank you for helping me regain my confidence, your book “Embracing Conflict” helped me so much. I’m taking things one day at a time and believe me when I say I’m truly grateful, the book didn’t only help me, but it also helped my parents and a few close friends, all thanks to you. – Tsakani Maringa 11/17/2015

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