Do you feel you aren’t achieving everything you deserve in life?

Maybe your past is holding you back in ways you don’t even realise…..

Are you ready to make changes in your life?

Imagine for a moment what your life would look like, and how you would feel if, you were able to create the lifestyle you want, achieve all your goals and have the relationships you desire?

I have been where you are, I have lived through failed relationships, been cheated on, suffered from low self-esteem, changed careers, felt lost and hopeless about my life and where I was going and more.

I have walked your path, lived your pain and come out on the other side doing what I love and am passionate about, helping people – and I know you can make sustainable changes too.

Below are my programs which are based on my own experiences, professional training and the tools and processes that helped me turn my life around. Alternatively if you’re not ready to start a program, book a session with me and let’s chat about your needs and the best options for you.

A 6 week online, facilitated program for couples who want to reignite their passion and connect with each other by breathing new energy into their relationship.

6 x 60-min online session for 6 weeks
R3750.00 per couple

It doesn’t matter what relationship stage you are in, being in a healthy, loving relationship is not impossible and does not have to be hard work. Applicable to couples and singles.

09 Sept 2023
Half-day workshop, R550.00pp

Do you feel like you are missing out on the life you should be living? This peer mentoring program is for you if you are going through a life or career change, you want to be more self-confident and be able to say no to things that don’t serve you, you want clarity on your goals and how to achieve them. you’re serious about your own growth and want to take charge of your future, then this program is for you. Apply now.

Apply for 2023 intake (limited to 10 spaces)

Do you feel like you aren’t achieving everything you want in your life? This program where men help men is for you if you have a vested interest in your own growth and development. It’s the program for you if you want clarity on how to achieve success in your life, want to be more purpose-driven, and are serious about your future and life, want to lea hrnow to be a better partner, father and leader. Apply now.

Apply for 2023 intake (limited to 10 spaces)

Individual coaching and mentoring sessions to help you get clarity on where you want to go, what is keeping you stuck, how to get there, and get the results you want.

Hourly Rate: Individuals: R850.00 | Couples: R1100.00
Packages: Various package options available

Whether you are single or a couple there is are resources for everyone. Access and download templates, tools and e-books to help you in your growth and journey today.

Free Resources
Downloadable tools and templates

Are you interested in online courses?