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As a Relationship Expert and Life Coach, I work with individuals who are at a crossroads in their life or relationships and are wanting to find a solution.  ⠀

Before we can lead in the home or workplace, we have to lead ‘self’. This is where taking charge of our own personal growth and development is our own responsibility. Continuously developing yourself, your resilience, mindset and ability to deal with change and uncertainty are key skills we need to live a happy and fulfilling life.

I can help you with:

Life challenges: Life or career changes | feeling stuck or overwhelmed | needing to make big decisions | wanting to step up to the next level in your life.

Relationships challenges: Dating | engaged | moving in together | married | separations | break-ups | divorce | co-parenting | LGBTQI

When it comes to relationships, many people believe a healthy relationship is one where:⠀

  • there is no fighting or arguing, ⠀
  • you’re always loving and affectionate⠀
  • you’re having sex all the time⠀
  • you’re so ‘in love’ with each other⠀
  • you do everything together⠀ ⠀

Sadly this is only true in the fairy tale books and movies and it’s unrealistic to expect this – you will only end up being disappointed if you do, and in the long run, this will only cause conflict and heartache.

If this sounds like you and you are questioning your relationship, feeling stuck, anxious, not coping or feeling challenged in your life right now, let’s get you some help, book a session with me now:

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Thank you - Dr. Emefa
Hi Paula, Thank you for making time for me, chatting with you gave me a very objective perspective on my situation. Most importantly, I was so happy to know that my experiences are common to many people and I’m not weird! Thanks again and have a good day. – Dr Emefa
You are a blessing! - Heather
I went to Paula to try and de-brief after a tough Comrades where I didn’t achieve my time goal. But after two amazing sessions, I left her office with so so much more than just chatting about our beloved sport! Paula helped me to find me again, to unpack Comrades and to give me direction and ideas for the very different life that lies ahead for me, when we move to Switzerland. Even after one session, I felt calmer and I actually slept properly for the first time since Comrades. And my over-active mind calmed down – I have been able to tackle the move with a completely different mindset. Thank you Paula – you are a blessing!!!
It was a pleasure - Mariska Casey
I had the privilege of meeting Paula during a running coaching clinic and was immediately impressed with her warm personality and high level of motivation. As a powerlifter, I didn’t know much about running but I was eager to learn. We started the day with a couple of running sessions where Paula taught us how to run using the following motivational elements as part of your running toolbox 1) Breathe rhythmically while running 2) Have a mantra when you run 3) Make yourself as tall as you can be and run with you head held high It was incredible how altering little things while running can alter the outcome. What I did not realise, at the time, was that what I have learnt from Paula would also assist me in powerlifting. As a powerlifter, you are immediately stronger if you can control your breath while attempting a heavy lift as it helps you to tighten your muscles and generate more strength. What the mind believes, the body can achieve and having a motivational mantra helps with motivation when lifting heavy and when I am scared of the weights. Keeping your head held high when “hitting the wall” if you are a runner, or when you are battling your own insecurities, is important as it helps you to focus on what you are aiming to try and achieve. What I have learned from Paula as runner has transcended into my powerlifting and into my career. She is an inspirational mentor and coach with the ability to help people fight the invisible mind battles, what we have with ourselves, and that sometimes keeps us back from achieving our dreams. It is a privilege to know Paula and to see the results and impact that she has on your life. – Mariska Casey – SA powerlifting record holder (2015 & 2016)
Trevor Taylor – Managing Director, Chartered Employee Benefits

The often quoted definition of insanity i.e. ‘expecting a different result when following the same pattern of behaviour that lead to previous failures” has always haunted me. Working with Paula over the last year has taught me to try things from a different angle and with a different frame of mind. Her comment that “failure” is in fact “feedback” is a prudent one. Paula’s ability to coach me to deal with the challenges of life has been invaluable. She has armed me with the tools to embrace the challenges of balancing sporting aspirations, heading up a family and managing a business. There are many hurdles to clear in life but it helps when you
have practical coaching techniques to meet the challenges head on. I have always admired Paula’s determination and character that she has displayed in a professional and sporting capacity and I would highly recommend her to anyone that seeks some guidance in taking on life’s challenges. Trevor Taylor – Managing Director, Chartered Employee Benefits

Jutta Dudley – U Travel
Paula from Ati2ud communications has a wonderful way of working with people, talking about what is considered “taboo” in such a natural and healthy way, so that all involved feel comfortable and at ease. Her insight into human relationships and the knowledge she imparts is invaluable to helping even the healthiest of relationships improve and reach new levels of intimacy. I have had the privilege of hearing her at 2 very different presentations and both times walked away with a new and better understanding of people. Thanks Paula Quinsee! Jutta Dudley – U Travel 03/23/2015

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