There is a lot of talk going on about the 4th Industrial Revolution and Robots taking over the World…ok not really the world but our jobs and leaving us redundant.

Whilst there may be some truth in this, it is not entirely true. Yes the Robots are here, and work streams are being automated, so we need to constantly up-skill ourselves to remain relevant in the job landscape of the future. This doesn’t only apply to individuals but also to organisations.

The world and technology may be moving at a rapid pace but, the one skill robots will not be able to replace is human connection and compassion. This is going to open up a whole new range of job sectors and opportunities such as Elderly Wellness Consultants whilst other jobs are going to change dramatically due to automation (e.g. Chartered Accountants may need to consider evolving into Data Scientists). That being said, someone has to teach the robots right?

This is going to require some pro-activeness on our part to constantly up-skill ourselves to remain relevant in the workplace of the future. If our companies are not looking at different ways to help their employees remain relevant, we need to do it for ourselves or risk being left behind.

These are some of the predicted top jobs of the future:
  • Old Age Wellness Manager / Consultant
  • Vertical Farmer
  • Nano-Medic
  • Climate Change Reversal Specialist
  • New Scientists Ethicist
  • Security Repair Person
  • Personal Productivity Person
So how can you plan for your work landscape of the future?
  • Look at the trends of the job sector you are in and where it is heading to in the future
  • Identify what skills will be required in those evolving sectors
  • Assess whether you have those skills and to what capacity
  • Identify what you need to do to start acquiring or enhance those skills and act now

If you don’t A.C.T now (action changes things), you risk being left behind or becoming redundant.

Discuss your career path with your manager and what the future may look like, find out whether there are any in-house training programs and courses you can do. Alternatively look at external training courses and programs and take the initiative whether the company is going to pay for you or not. You cannot leave your future solely in the hands of your employer.

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