Are you ready to get started right away?

I know that some people prefer to study in their own way, and in their own time, so I have created online self-study versions of some of my workshops and programs for you to do from the comfort of your home and at your own pace.

All the programs are supported through online 1-to-1 sessions so your are never alone even if you prefer to study on your own.

Below are my online programs you may want to start with. Alternatively book a session with me and let’s chat about your needs and the best options for you.

Our core personal values play an instrumental role in our lives as they underpin our thoughts, actions and behaviour. When we are not aligned with our value, we end up compromising ourselves and unable to implement boundaries. This FREE self-study course provides you with insights into understanding the importance of knowing what your values are and how to implement them.

No one likes to have difficult conversations because they can be awkward and uncomfortable which is why most people tend to avoid them which is not productive. The Courageous Conversations online course is a short, self-study course that provides you with insights and tools on how to have difficult conversations. Learn 3 different techniques and frameworks to help you start having courageous conversations today!

The Womenology online course is the self-study option of the in-person group program. It focuses on personal growth and development to help you become more confident and self-assured, understand yourself better and equip you with tools to become more self-aware, effective and take charge of where you are going.

The Mancave online course is the self-study option of the in-person group program. It focuses on raising your self-awareness and drives personal growth and development. The key topics covered include leadership and mentorship, effective relationships at home and in the workplace, managing conflict and so much more.

I am listed as a relationship expert on The Essentials Workshop platform in the Netherlands. The Building Relationships course is a relationship management course that focuses on learning healthy personal and professional traits and comes with downloadable worksheets and templates.

Whether you are single or a couple there is are resources for everyone. Access and download various templates, tools and e-books to help you in your growth and journey such as: Relationship Evaluation Template, Discover Me template, Personal Development Assessment and much more.

Prefer the in-person workshops?