Take charge of your individual and team development

The PDA is a behavioural assessment tool that through a simple yet precise and scientific methodology, allows us to analyse a persons behaviour, energy and emotional intelligence.

It can also be used to evaluate the behaviour and competency requirements of a job thereby ensuring the right person is selected for the right position as well as implement effective employee development plans. The PDA therefore can provide insights, guidance and support in the following areas:

The PDA assessment is ideal for:

  • Organizations: to identify, develop and/or retain talent, job fit, leadership matching, team dynamics and more. This tool is utilized by most of the leading companies ranked on A Great Place to Work.
  • HR Consulting Companies: incorporate this tool into your service offering and add additional value to your candidates and client base by offering qualified, profiled candidates.
  • Individuals: understand your strengths and developmental areas to improve job/career prospects, current and future job performance and relationships with subordinates, colleagues and superiors

The PDA assessment enables one to:

  • Analyse the natural and role behaviour profile of individuals and teams and their potential.
  • Recruit the best candidates for the job.
  • Profile newly created positions.
  • Measure employee compatibility and competencies.
  • Provide guidance for effective succession planning.
  • Develop leadership skills and succession planning.
  • Design career development plans for employees.
  • Identify communication and conflict scenarios.
  • Improve self-awareness and emotional intelligence.

Understand what your core competencies are, identify your development areas, know how your strengths can be over-used and actually work against you, understand your leadership, communication, influencing styles and much more. The only thing in life we can control is our behaviour and the PDA will show you how.

The PDA has a 90% reliability rate, is scientifically verified, has ISO9001 certification, meets U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) requirements and is internationally validated by American Institute of Business Psychology (AIOBP).

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