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The Building Relationships online workshop is aimed at couples and singles who want to understand more about what it takes to have a successful, healthy and thriving relationship.

In this online workshop you will learn:

  • Practical tools that you can implement straight away
  • How to manage the bad patches
  • How to communicate more effectively
  • Why and how all couples get stuck in negative cycles
  • The phases of the Relationship Cycle and where you are in your relationship
  • How to build connection
  • The leading cause of conflict in relationships
  • To identify the root cause of your anger, fears and behaviour

You will also learn:

  • How to stop fighting and start communicating better
  • How your upbringing is influencing your relationship
  • Why your past relationships did not work
  • Tools to engage instead of getting the ‘silent’ treatment or feeling 'attacked'
  • The 7 key traits that are influencing your relationship
  • How to build better personal and professional relationships

You do not have to be in a relationship to take this online workshop however it is recommended for both partners to partake in this program.

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