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Dads do you know that you are the first and most influential love relationship your daughter has in her life? From her earliest age, you prepare your daughter for her life as a woman and it is through you that she learns how to hold her own, how to be in a relationship and how to cope with life's challenges.

The Dads and Daughters Break Thru Workshop aims to drive, deepen and support the relationships between dads and daughters. Regardless of how old she is, your daughter has an enormous need for security and there are various ways you provide this for her. Learn the tools to have a strong bond with your daughter and how to keep her safe.

Who should attend:


  • Dads who want to strengthen their relationship and bond with their daughters.
  • Dads who want to empower their daughters with confidence and critical life skills.
  • Organisations that run or support 'Take a Girl' child to work initiatives and campaigns


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