Reinventing Your Career Webinar


Upskilling yourself, handling job interviews, rejections and more



The global pandemic has literally turned our worlds upside down which has impacted us on many levels especially our mental health, job and financial security and so much more. 

In this webinar we will be sharing practical tips for effective job searching focusing on:

  • How to deal with the emotional roller coaster of a job search.
  • How to cope with the rejections and the no’s you get along the way.
  • Effective coping mechanisms.
  • Dealing with the loss of a job and the emotions thereof.
  • Recommendations on how to care for your mental health while job searching.
  • How to prepare for interviews and assessments without the stress.
  • What to do if you get furloughed or laid off now
  • How do you reinvent yourself as a seasoned industry executive
  • What are “transferable skills” and how do you effectively highlight them in an interview
  • Why should you have a portfolio career and how do you develop one
  • Remote Hiring and Job Hunting 101 – how are companies hiring right now and how has the pandemic changed the recruitment process.
  • How and why you should ask for help during your job search – what are some of the rules for reaching out to people
  • What are some of the best (and inexpensive) ways to boost one’s skills and stand out from the crowd.

Join recruitment expert Arpad Szakal (UK) and relationship expert Paula Quinsee (SA) as they discuss these topics and practical tips on how to navigate the new normal.

Register now | Mon 12 Oct | 13:00-14:00 CAT  You will receive Zoom details once you have registered.

About your facilitators:

Paula Quinsee (SA): Improving employee engagement and employee well-being through personal transformation and relationship building by shifting behaviour, emotions and energy levels.

Arpad Szakal (UK): Executive Search and Assessment professional and Career Transition Expert dedicated to assisting professionals at all levels relaunch their careers.


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