Relationship Journey Program


Learn what you need to have a successful, thriving relationship. BOOK NOW.

The Relationship Journey Program is a 6 week program for singles and couples to get clarity on their relationship vision and how to turn that vision into a beautiful and fulfilling relationship and future.

In this 6 week program we will cover:

  • Relationship values - what they are and why they are important.
  • Relationship vision - what is it and why you need one.
  • Relationship red flags - what to look out for and how they can trip you up.
  • Relationship currencies - money is not the only way you contribute to your relationship.
  • Relationship goals - why you need them and how to put them in place.
  • Relationship commitment and pledge - how to take what you have learned and apply it going forward.

Whether you are single, at the beginning stages of your relationship, been together for a few years or are on the brink of staying or going, this Relationship Journey course will give you all the insights and tips you will need to build a healthy, loving relationship.


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