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Following on from the Building Relationships workshop where you learned how your upbringing shapes who you become, the types of relationships you forge with others, what your emotional triggers and conflict management style are, the Sustaining Relationships Workshop takes it one step further.

In this workshop you will work on the steps you need in order to sustain your relationship for the longer term, the ‘happily ever after’. We will be working with the following elements:

For couples:

  • Creating a relationship vision
  • Identifying your relationship goals
  • Understanding your relationship boundaries
  • Crafting your relationship action plan and more
  • In-depth Individual and Relationship assessment

For singles:

  • Clarity on your ‘ideal’ partner vision
  • Identifying your relationships goals
  • understanding your relationship boundaries
  • In-depth Individual assessment
  • Crafting your relationship action plan and more

It is recommended that you attend the Building Relationships workshop prior to attending the Sustaining Relationships workshop as we will be using the tools and insights gained there in the Sustaining Relationships workshop.



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