The Relationship Journey Program is a 6-week live, facilitated program for couples that want to breathe new energy and purpose into their relationship. It is for those couples that know the importance and value of investing in each other, and their relationship, to cultivate positivity by mastering their relationship blueprint, and practical strategies to help navigate your relationship ups and downs effectively, and have a healthy relationship, and balanced lifestyle.

What others have had to say about this program

I personally think this will help a lot of couples, the course was excellent, all the modules have detailed explanations and worksheets that are practical and easy to implement. All round I would rate this course really highly. – Lourika

I like the accountability of the program and enjoyed the modules. They really made me look closely at my relationship and how I over compensate. It was a wake up call for me. They are really good exercises and it’s been a great journey of discovery!  – Jeni

What is Covered in the Relationship Journey Program

The Relationship Journey Program consists of weekly live online sessions focusing on the key elements it takes to build your relationship. Whether you are at the beginning stages of your relationship, been together for a few years or are on the brink of staying or going, this Relationship Journey course will give you all the insights and tips you need to build a healthy, loving relationship.

The key elements covered in this program are:

Relationship values

– our values drive our everyday thoughts, actions and behaviour. In this module we will unpack what your relationship values are, why you should have them, and why they are critical to your relationship success.

Relationship vision

– without a vision how will you know where you are going? In this module we will unpack what a relationship vision is, why you need one, and how to create one unique to you and your relationship.

Relationship red flags

– if you don’t pay attention, the gremlins will creep in and sabotage your relationship. In this module we will unpack the red flags in every relationship, how to spot them, how they can destroy your relationship, and what to do about them.


Relationship currencies

– are you making the right investments in your relationship? Money is only one way we contribute in a relationship. In this module we will look at the 5 pillars of currency contributions in a relationship, their value, the types of deposits and withdrawals, and how this determines the value of your relationship.

Relationship goals

– if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. In this module we will look at why you should have couples goals in place, what happens when you don’t and how to go about putting them in place.

Relationship pledge

– being in a relationship requires commitment. In this module we will look at what that means, and how being intentional actually protects your relationship to be healthy and happy for a life time of togetherness.

Sign up for the Relationship Journey Program

Start your journey today – live facilitated 60-min weekly session for 6 weeks and support every step of the way | View program overview here  Want to know more about the program and how you can benefit, hop on a call with me here.

The Relationship Journey Program is ideal for:


Couples who want to reignite their passion and connect with each other by breathing new energy into their relationship.


Couples who are looking to get married and want to equip themselves with a framework and tools to build a solid foundation.


Couples who want to future-proof their relationship and are looking for ways to grow stronger together.


Couples who want to create a relationship that is fulfilling and rewarding for each other


Couples who want to feel more aligned and connected with each other and in their relationship

What you get on the program

Real Value

  • Weekly 1hr live, online sessions for 6 weeks
  • Worksheets and templates
  • Follow-up notes from each session
  • Practical strategies and tools to implement


  • Sharing of knowledge, experiences and insights
  • Guidance every step of the way
  • Clear and simple steps to follow
  • Lots and lots of accountability

Additional Benefits

  • Clarity on your vision, values, goals and future
  • A clear understanding of your needs and expectations.
  • Understand what you want in a relationship and how to get it

Some of the things you may be thinking about or asking yourself

Investment into your relationship future:

  • R3750.00* / $250.00* per couple

*Payment plans available, make an enquiry here

Includes all aspects of the 6 week course including worksheets, content, live facilitated sessions and support. 

This live, online course is the perfect way to give you all the tools you will need to build a healthy relationship in as little as 6 weeks!

So, are you ready to take charge of your future and create the kind of relationship you aspire to have? Then sign up for the Relationship Journey Program today.

Not sure if this program is for you?

Book a complimentary discovery consultation with me to answer any questions you have about the program, how you will benefit from attending and if you are ready to invest the time, money and energy to achieve the changes you want to see in your life and relationship.

Your Program Facilitator:

Paula Quinsee

Paula Quinsee

Relationship Expert, Tedx speaker and Author of Embracing Conflict and Embracing No

Paula’s journey into coaching and helping others started as a result of her own personal story and reaching rock bottom in her relationship. Through being exposed to Imago Relationship Therapy and NLP, she has combined both her personal experiences and her professional training to assist others to have happy, healthy relationships. She consulted to ‘Married at First Sight‘ SA TV show and regularly appears in the media

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